Diving where the water is more blue ... much more!

Diving where the water is more blue ... much more!

The excellence of Made in Italy at the service swimming pools: the system COPROX® by Risanarè® for swimming pools allows you to create dream, beautiful, prestigious, healthy and performing structures.

In the collective imagination the pool is always synonymous with luxury and elegance, prestige and well-being: for this reason the construction and maintenance of these facilities should always be treated in detail and made of materials with high technical content, performing, functional and wiyh high aesthetic value. 

Risanarè® has developed an application technique in order to have, for humid and subjected to bacteriological attacks environments such as swimming pools and Turkish baths, quality finishes that recall natural environments. Also for these areas the advantages offered by the COPROX® system are evident.
Waterproofing. Together with the waterproofing of the concrete pool, shower stalls or turkish bath walls, you can get a good level of finish and decor with the favourite shades.
Hygiene. For high humidity locations, thanks to the characteristics of COPROX® there is no formation of algae, mold and lichens.
Finishing. Completely smooth and without joints. With this finish, shower and humid environments do not require any special maintenance.
Refined finishes. You can add to the fresh mixture any type of inert mineral material, to have an excellent and personalized visual result.
Workability. COPROX® system reduces the processing time and the intervention of skilled labor.

The COPROX® system for swimming pools
COPROX ® Fondo Piscine - is a mineral mortar wear-resistant that resolves problems related to the excess of moisture in the walls. It is inorganic and consists of air and hydraulic binders, selected siliceous aggregates and the active principle COPROX®. It’s distributed in premeasured packs, it’s ready to use and needs only the proper dilution with clean water. The action of mineral mortar COPROX® Fondo Piscine is linked to the presence of the active principle COPROX® that gives the mixture a very high water repellency with very high breathability.
COPROX® Finitura Piscine - is a mortar specific to complete the system COPROX® in all cases where it is expected to contain water or counterthrusting waterproofing. The mortar is composed of inorganic air binders, hydraulic binders and active principle COPROX®. It’s distributed in premeasured packs, it is ready to use and needs only the proper dilution with clean water.

La Pergola swimming pool and, in the background, the beautiful region of Umbria
In the images in these pages, the documentary evidence of the construction of a swimming pool, La Pergola, which is perfectly nested like a precious stone in the well-known and loved, in Italy and abroad, landscape of Umbria.

For a quality job, here's how was the substrate prepared ...
We proceeded with cortical abrasion and hydrowash with water and acid in order to clean the just made concrete. Subsequently, the spacers were removed creating dovetail openings and then, if necessary, derusting first and then passivate the metal stumps. The "gravel nests" have been cleaned up to meet again a compact concrete and areas of interventions have been compensated with the aid of appropriate fiber-reinforced mortars, anti-shrinkage for concrete. Thus, waited that the patches were perfectly dry before the execution of the system COPROX®. On the border between the floor and the wall has created a "cove" with legs of at least 8-10 cm and to make this "cove" was used COPROX® Fondo Piscine.

• ... and here's how we proceeded to the application of the system
After machine- mixing COPROX® Fondo Piscine and water in a ratio of about 1.2 liters every 5 kilograms of powder, the product has been applied within the time of 1 hour without ever add water. The substrate was soaked at saturation point to and, keeping it wet, was applied the first coat of COPROX® Fondo Piscine drowning a fiberglass 160 gr./sqm plaster net. To apply the following coats of COPROX Fondo Piscine® have been waited at least 8 hours after the previous coat, soaking the substrate and keeping it moist. The final thickness achieved by the applications described was more than 5-6 mm.
After the application of COPROX® Fondo Piscine and after a delay of at least 8 hours was carried out, soaking the substrte at saturation point, the application of the plaster finish COPROX® Finitura Piscines in the chosen colors in two coats wet on wet with the aim to give a smooth look to the pool.

COPROX®, a revolutionary product 
COPROX ® is a revolutionary, unique, easy to use and to apply product that can prevent that the salts in the water, called by capillary action by walls, could degrade the finishes and plaster decorations. COPROX® allows to Risanarè® -the Italian company that bought the original formulation invented in 1949 by engineer Stephen Kiss and that has eliminated the harmful elements for humans and for the environment- to achieve many successes anywhere in the world. 
It is an Italian excellence that improves the lives of people.
COPROX® is a dry mortar, entirely mineral, that can be used for the restoration and dehumidification of masonries damaged by humidity and crystallization of soluble salts. The system complies with the original plaster and maintains the correct balance of breathability, it is applied by smoothing without necessarily having to demolish the existing plaster, it is long lasting, simple and quick to lay for the restoration and maintenance of basements and retaining walls, interiors and exteriors of historic and residential buildings, swimming pools and wellness areas.
The advantages of COPROX® are not only about the performance, but also aesthetic: being a mineral product, You can add to the fresh mixture any kind of inert mineral material,
to get a excellent and personalized visual result: so you get the aesthetic result of the ancient lime with similar effects to the Venetian stucco, travertine and to the faux marble of the typical Italian decorative tradition.


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