Italian Style colours Dubai  - Colorificio MP

Italian Style colours Dubai - Colorificio MP

Two more examples showing the level of satisfaction with our products abroad and, in this case, in the temple of Dubai luxury: indeed, the finishes at the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa and at The Address Downtown Hotel are Made in Italy!

Made in Italy is considered a real brand in the United Arab Emirates; it provides premium products at commensurate prices: it is not a coincidence that the finishes of numerous prestigious locations are Made in Italy, for example the Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa and The Address Downtown Hotel, also located in the same focal point of the city, precisely Downtown. Indeed, if Dubai represents an economic and business environment of increasing importance on the international scene, especially in the building sector, most certainly a source of great opportunities at global level, it is also true that the stringent competitiveness which is increasingly taking hold causes the progressive selection of supplies by virtue of a desired and sought qualitative excellence. This is especially true for finishings, which have both an aesthetic and a technological content and for which high quality and durability are required, especially following the systemic crisis in 2008, which revealed the inadequacy of too many low level supplies. We had the opportunity to visit and document some of the more interesting and prestigious buildings of the city, thanks to the collaboration of Valdemar Lancerotto, Asia export manager for Fabrizio Moretti’s Colorificio MP; he is the CEO of the company from Viserba in the province of Rimini and their distributor in Dubai, Mjk Arabia LLC: Armani Hotel and The Address Downtown Hotel are examples of excellence, which show how Italian style can interpret and better restore the luxury of the Emirates.

The Address Downtown Hotel: refinement sophisticated and unique…
The Address Downtown Hotel is one of the first five-star hotels in the city of Dubai. By virtue of its unique and innovative atmosphere, all the local Dubai jet setters have visited the elegant rooms and suites of this exceptional structure, to enjoy a dynamic style and a unique design, appealing to very current international tastes. A comfortable environment, with distinctive furnishings and a highly sophisticated atmosphere, the elegance of The Address Downtown Hotel is surprising: the different rooms reveal a charm and refinement of great class. The type of finishing, the artistic details, impeccable and luxurious design, reveal that this structure is a flagship of the city, intended for a very exclusive clientele. Hotel guests can enjoy a unique environment, finished with the best of Italian good taste. A beautiful example of the exclusively Italian prerogative of creating a highly prestigious location thanks to the classic and traditional elegance that characterises our best products. A Made in Italy promotion that needs no justification and that praises our excellence and sense of aesthetics.

Armani Hotel Burj Khalifa: the world’s tallest skyscraper
The Burj Khalifa stands at the dizzying height of 829.8 meters; it is the highest structure ever built in the world - oddly enough, this was not revealed until the inauguration of the skyscraper in 2010 for reasons of competition. the ‘Khalifa Tower’ was built Downtown, an extremely prestigious area, and it is clearly one of Dubai’s major attractions, which also offers one of the most breathtaking panoramic views - the skyscraper even soars beyond the clouds on overcast days. The Burj Khalifa hosts a number of hotels, restaurants, apartments, offices, swimming pools, shopping malls, and specifically, the first Armani Hotel in the world opened in the heart of the building, where the ‘luxurious’ style was created entirely by the Italian designer. Several luxurious and elegant restaurants designed and fully finished with Italian products of excellence are part of the Armani Hotel, ensuring an appropriate technical level, as well as the prestigious finishes. We propose several different rooms as excellent examples of Italian taste and know-how within the Armani Hotel: refined and delicate quality finishes, that complement and integrate seamlessly with the attractive and distinctive styles of the varied room designs. In this case as well, Made in Italy products are triumphant, selected for the technological content of reference.


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Date: 19 May 2015
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